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Julia Britton - Fearless

Julia Britton is about to fly to London for the opening of her new play, and her daughter Stephanie is very worried. Julia is 92 and while she’s sprightly and sharp, she has diabetes, hearing loss and a thyroid condition. The risks are enormous.

Working with the play’s director, Robert Chuter, and his friend Chris, Julia pushes ahead with her plans. The play, "Fresh Pleasures", stars actor Tamblyn Lord as the gay Bloomsbury set artist Duncan Grant.

The pressure is on, and Julia and Robert clash repeatedly. The two have a symbiotic relationship; Robert produces her plays and Julia provides the finances; but even for this resourceful pair the London trip seems a stretch.

Julia has never been one to shrink from controversy. The production of her adaptation of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was fearlessly erotic, and there were attempts to have it banned.

Julia began writing after her husband’s death, at the age of 75. Robert Chuter moved into her home when short of a place to stay, and he has lived there ever since. His friend Chris lives there too.

When Julia arrives in London a week before opening night, tempers begin to fray. The theatre is not as she expected, and Julia has to find additional money for extra lights.  Robert has organized a season of another play, “Homme Fatale” onto the end of Julia's season, and she's furious, although she won't admit it on camera.

Opening Night arrives, and Julia nearly misses the performance after a misunderstanding about London cabs. The play goes well, although reviews are mixed, as is the box office. It's tough to take the British theatre scene by storm.

But Julia and Robert are undeterred; they're already scheming up their next attempt to conquer the British theatre scene. Will they succeed? Who knows. One thing's for certain, Julia's determination knows no bounds.

Whatever the success of her plays, Julia Britton remains an inspiration, as we see when she visits her old school in Manchester and provides a few tips on living to a group of 13 year olds.

FEARLESS tells the story of an inspirational journey that explores an extraordinarily productive life, and a bizarre relationship with Robert Chuter.